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Mouse cursor to position paddle
Type Flash
Very High
Use the paddle to hit the ball against the blocks. The level is over once all of the blocks are destroyed.

Be careful not to lose the ball; you have only a limited number of them before it's game over.

The original Breakout was developed by the Atari corporation, in 1976. Its creators drew a great deal of inspiration from Pong, which was released four years earlier, in 1972.

Creator is unknown. Believed to be free-to-use. If there is an author, we would like to credit them here, and confirm that our usage of the game is permitted. Numerous sources claim that the game is free, but it would be nice to know for sure.

If you believe that our usage of the game itself is contrary to any intended copyrights or licences, please contact us and it will be dealt with promptly.
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