Privacy Policy
Last updated: 15th November 2009

The Internet is a difficult place to remain anonymous nowadays.
Sometimes it is helpful to be able to see just what is being tracked by a website. Below is a list of the data we store, what we do not, and why.

We sometimes use cookies to maintain your session. This is isn't personally identifiable and your web browser will automatically delete them once you leave the site. It is quite harmless and used by the vast majority of dynamic web sites.

Third Party Cookies
We use banner adverts to help fund the web site; it is likely that the providers of some of those adverts will use cookies to identify you.
What does that mean? Well, it's nothing really. There isn't really a way for them to personally identify you - they certainly don't get any personally identifyable information about you from us. It is usually used for statistical purposes, to determine the exposure their adverts get.

Again, it is just something that happens on most websites.

Personal Information
We do not share your details with any third parties, without your express permission. At the moment, we have no user accounts, so the amount of information we have about you is minimal.
Note: We do track your IP addresses, for our anti-cheat system.
Your IP address isn't exactly a secret, but nevertheless, we never pass it to any third parties.

Something else?
If you have any problems with, questions, suggestions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us here.